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Operating Voltage 230VAC+ 10 %, 50 Hz Other Voltages Up To 440 V AC On Request
Counting Range CE 610
0 To 9999.9
CE 610 622
0 To 9999.9
MTT 97
0 To 9999.99
Power Consumption CE 610 4 VA CE 622 4 VA MTT 97 2 VA
Operating Temp. Range
-200C to + 700C
Duty Cycle Continuous
Voltage Proof 2 KV RMS For 1 Minute
Mounting Flush Mounting
Lubrication Self Lubricating
Height Of Figures CE 610 4mm CE 622 4 mm MTT 97 4mm
Weight (aprox.) CE 610
220 gms
CE 622
180 gms
MTT 97
100 gms
Generating sets Air Compressors, Circuit Breakers , Power Plants, Textile Machines, Paper Industries, Packing machnies, Strip Packing Machines, Suger Industries, Ordinance Factories,Laboratories, Power & Irrigation Dept., Rectifiers, Chemical Processes, Radio & TV stations Air Conditioners, Computers, Machine Tools, Business machines, Moulding Machines, Elevators, Electric Furances

Hour Meter

Counting range/Metering capacity
Least count
0 to 9999.9 Minutes, 5 Digits
0.1 Minute
0 to 99999 Minutes, 5 Digits
1 Minute
0 to 9999.9 Hours, 5 Digits
1 Hour
0 To 9999.9 Hours, 5 Digits (With reset facility)
0.1 Hour
CE 61R*
0 to 99999.9 Hours, 5 Digits ( With reset facility)
0.1 Hour
0 to 99999.9 Hours, 6 Digits
0.1 Hours
0 to 99999.99 Hours, 7 Digits
0.01 Hour

CE TIME TOTALIZER incorporate a positive self-starting synchronous motor for high accuracy which drives counter through robustly designed worm wheel gear arrangement and ensures accurate summation of 'On Time' of any machine, equipment or circuit.

It is an ideal tool for cost accountants to evalute production v/s actual running time, fuel consumption and labor cost of the machine. It indicates when preventive maintenance or replacement of components is use.

The Totalizer can not be reset to zero externally there by ruling out the possibility of tampering with the recorded time. Even the 'Reset' Totalizer is provided with the 'DETACHABLE KEY' to ensure safety from unauthorized access to the reset mechanism.

The counter returns to zero automatically after completing full countering range e.g. 9999.9 to 0000.0


The reset model has a detachable knob provided on front facia for resetting all figures to zero. (projection 15 mm)
The reset type Time may lag behind for 2/3 digits on the first figure wheel de to backlash of the spring & the performance of the Time Totalizer should not be studied and compared on the basis of reading first digits.

2. Please specify voltage/frequency if other than 230v AC, 50 Hz.


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