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SPECIAL PURPOSE COUNTERS : Preset Counter, Die Height Counter, Bottle Counter

Preset Counter - CPR 5

Suitable for monitoring exact produced quantity in the applications like fan winding machines or any other process where predetermined production quantity is important. Counter counts down word from the preset number which on reaching to the preset Value passes from 00000 to 99999; & operates a change over switch which is used to stop in the machine or actuating an annunciation thus by preventing excess unwanted production. L-166 w -107, H-70 Mounting holes-4 nos. 5mm dia x-98.5 mm, y-16.5mm

Die height Counter

It is yet another counter to the power press industry for fast and safe production. This is Indian substitute for KOREAN model AH - 200

Bottle Counter

6 digit quick reset counter useful for bottling & canning equipments. Available with left or right drive & reset